Hidden Charms - Long way down
Hidden Charms - Long way down

This new EP ‘Dreaming of Another Girl’ from South London band Hidden Charms is an gratifying mix of vintage grooves and modern songwriting skills. Hidden Charms comes loaded with an impressive understanding of 50’s and 60’s Melodies and Rhythms but its that dirty indie garage e blend that keeps you nailed to your audio device. These are solid tunes that deserve some of your time.

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Digging this Big Wild flip of Griz’s ‘For the Love.’ It’s a super unconventional glitch re-imagining that spins the track in an entirely different direction than the original. Big Wild is pushing it to the limits here with his quirky, and addictive style in full motion. There is nothing not to love about this track.

For the Love” is featured on Griz’s new album ‘Say It Loud’ you can download it via Amazon here. Catch Big Wild on tour with Griz during the Super Shagadelic Tour.

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