Schlachthofbronx - Bump and Grind Video
Schlachthofbronx - Bump and Grind Video

Schlachthofbronx just released the ‘Bump and Grind” video for the masses today. It features the late and long-time collaborator Nicky Da B in what was most likely his last piece of work. It comes off of their free mixtape ‘Rave And Romance’, and you can still  downloaded it here

Bump and Grind is a must listen for any of those Juke fans out there who love their music fast and loud. I’ve always loved Schlachthofbronx’s heavy use of the latin Kaduru beats. It’s an exceptional influence to this Juke track.


The Bump and Grind video features club footage of the two German producers doing what they do best up in the club mixed in with women’s boobs. Now you can’t beat that combination. Both will get your heart pumping, and it makes the perfect pre-funking tune before you head out to the clubs tonight.

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