New from Team Supreme Lion KNGS – Used 2 Love (Bass Music)

lion kngs - used 2 Love

Used 2 Love is a definite track that should be on your playlist this week. It’s the latest from Tk Kayembe and King Henry otherwise known as Lion KNGS.

Reworking a sample from a Ty Dolla $ign hook they creatively blend eccentric Trap bass lines with R&B and Dream Pop melodies. The result is a track that’s fresh forward thinking and very dance-able. One thing these guys are good at is pushing the envelope and Used 2 Love is a great example.

Any day of the week you can catch these two performing as a part of the Los Angles based music collective Team Supreme. This crew boast 20-minute sets which keeps the dance floors fresh, and bringing in a diverse blend of club music. Get a sample of the collective in action by checking out their Weekly Beat Cypher on Youtube.

You can purchase Lion KNGS  debut Zamunda EP now on Bandcamp.

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Rabit ft. Riko Dan – Black Dragons (Grime)

riko dan black dragon

Digging this Black Dragon track from Houston-based producer Rabit. Riko Dan from the infamous Roll Deep crew throws  down verses with his signature  style and dominates with all the hell fire and spit of a proper London rude boy. This track originally showed up as part of a Vip Mixtape series that Rabit was doing. Finally after a ton of fan demand, it received a legitimate release. And I thank god for that, I love this track and Riko Dan just legitimizes it, proving that this genre is still relevant.

Find Riko Dan on: //Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Find Rabit on: //Soundcloud // Twitter


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Oscar and The Wolf – The Prince (Dream Pop)


This ominous R&B track Prince from Belgium’s Oscar and the Wolf is the epitome of cool. First off I have to pay my respects to Neon Gold, who went down into the trenches of the Paris club night life and brought these guys to light for us. You can learn more about their first hand account  here.

Right now, Oscar and The Wolf only have a four tracks ready for preview on Soundcloud. Their debut album Entity is currently out now in Belgium & Holland, but the rest of us can’t get our hooks on it until 2015. So head over to their Soundcloud page, drop a few comment on how much you’re digging their music and zone out to some mesmerizing tunes, next year will be here before you know it.

Find Oscar & The Wolf On: // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube //


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Beautiful New Låpsley Falling Short Video


Låpsley’s videos always have this stunning way of featuring close-ups of her that gives the viewer a private and personal experience. Here latest video is from her single ‘Falling Short’, and it’s an stunning piece that lets you yet again get up close to this 18-year-old Liverpool song-stress.

She sits in a dark empty room front and center, her blonde hair a sharp contrast to the classic black and white video. The camera spins as she supports a young man in her arms. And in some moments you can look right into her eyes and watch her face turn to emotion, and she pours out her vital force. What is she ‘Falling Short’ from? Is She talking about herself or some else? Depression, Staying sober, Mental illness? Or is it something more cerebral, something I haven’t even thought of. All these thing are going through my head as I try and speculate the meaning of the song compared to the movement on the screen. The dance between the two set to music becomes the real enjoyment of this video.

She’s already made the BBC Music Sound of 2015 list and is following in the footsteps of Adele, JamieXX and FKA Twigs by signing to the lustrous XL Recordings label. Her new EP ‘The Understudy’ is due out next month and is sure to be the start of something much bigger for her. 2014 gave us allot of great female vocalist, and Låpsley is at the very top for us!

Find Laplsey On: // Facebook // Twitter //

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